Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mansion at Strathmore's "Drawing for Art" Exhibition and Fundraiser

The "Drawing for Art" fundraiser turned out to be a fun and successful evening!  I had a wonderful time having donated two pieces of my artwork as well as participating in the event.  Both of my framed photographs were bought with proceeds going to the Strarhmore arts programs.  I was delighted that a couple had their sights set on my piece. Thank you Kate and Carl!  And thanks to Carl's brother who bought my other piece for his girlfriend.  Everyone who bought a raffle ticket went home with a piece of artwork, including myself.  The remaining artwork left over when all raffle tickets were picked then went into a live auction. For anyone looking to buy art this is an affordable and exciting way to purchase artwork on the spot and in person.  Below are some photos from the event including photos of my framed pieces, "Passion Glow"(rose) and "Center of Attention"(hibiscus flower) hanging in the show.  This event takes place every other year.  I hope you can catch the next one!

  Have a nice day!   Annette